Group programs are available for treatment centers, community events and/or support groups in the Orange County area.


Programs goals are geared towards addressing issues related to self-esteem, identity formation, depression, emotional balance, anxiety management, coping with change, motivation, trauma, addiction recovery and personal development.


We thrive to provide:

  • A sense of belonging – Group members feel they are not alone. The support group offers a place for people to feel understood, supported, cared for and accepted.

  • Reduce isolation – Group members develop a sense of community through shared feelings and experiences. People feel connected with other members, which can increase their ability to cope through traditional and non-traditional modalities.

  • Empathy – People outside a support group may not understand the experience of people who have gone through stressful or traumatic events, or they may dismiss their feelings. People within the group feel heard and understood

  • A sense of safety – Inside the group, people feel protected and safe to express their feelings. Outside the group, they sometimes feel they have to hide their feelings to protect others. Support groups are often seen as the safest place to talk about emotions and difficult subjects.

  • Creativity and Humor – People feel comfortable to have a good laugh, relax and feel at ease. Humor builds warmth in the group and helps members cope with confronting issues

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