Kathy Remeika, emdr Therapist

Kathy was able to sift through the many feelings I was having and narrow it in such a precise way to give strong focus in a positive way.



Kathy gave me a different perspective on myself. She helped me release judgment of myself.



Kathy is so intelligent, and I feel that I made huge progress since working with her. I am so grateful for her and for the chance to work with her.



Powerful and amazing sessions.


Danielle Santos

Music TherapisT & Reiki Practitioner

Danielle is awesome. You can tell that she has such a big heart and really cares about her clients.

Danielle is one of the most intellectual, logical, and creative music therapists I've ever met. She makes sure to keep her groups diverse and interesting by never sticking to the same routines. I respect that about her lessons.

Danielle helped re-awaken a part of myself I had nearly forgotten existed. She's so cool.

Danielle taught me a new way of healing.



 Danielle inspired me to learn the ukulele which helped me cope with challenges I was going through.

Tel: 562-661-8578